Purpose . The purpose of Infrabanx’s C-Advisory Team (“C-Advisory™”) or Canadian Advisory Team is to encourage private investors, institutional and governmental institutions to work together without geographical disparity, in order to further economic development in developing and least developed countries. In carrying out this purpose, under the guidance of Totalinfra Solution, C-Advisory™ provides the necessary expertise to negotiate the best possible commercial terms and conditions in association with the Government of Canada’s designated contract structuring and negotiation services agencies.

Therefor[e], C-Advisory™ is required to work with, in, and through the Government of Canada’s legislated entities, such as Canadian Commercial Corporation (“CCC”), Export Development Corporation (“EDC”), Team Canada Inc. (“TCI”), and the Prime Coordinator.

Mandate . C-Advisory™  is mandated to provide Infrabanx’s export related services exclusively through Conscribe-It! Corporation, CCC and the host country’s designated financial institution(s), supported by a team of qualified internal and external seasoned professionals.

Administration System . The monitoring and administration system of C-Advisory™ is designed to assist Infrabanx Network!™, as well as their authorized agents and advisors to implement and manage contracts, which include:-
(a) contract performance;
(b) compliance monitoring pertaining to contract terms and conditions;
(c) implementation services;
(d) billing services; and,
(e) accounts receivable tracking and collection services.

Capabilities . To increase Canadian enterprises’ credibility and their clients’ confidence, Infrabanx™, on a case-by-case basis, has mandated C-Advisory™ and processing agents of my.infrabanx.net to outsource their entire contract related undertakings to CCC; therefore, Infrabanx’s capabilities rest solely in the capable hands of CCC, in its capacity of Prime Contractor (and their duly approved and appointed subcontractors).

Benefits . When CCC assumes the role of Prime Contractor in respect to a given project, Infrabanx™ receives: -
(a) project promotion support;
(b) advice on bid or proposal preparation;
(c) assistance in contract structuring and negotiation;
(d) monitoring and administration of the contract; and,
(e) access to very competitive foreign exchange rates.

Services . C-Advisory™ provides the flexible options that developing and least developed countries need to gain an extra edge in the international marketplace via my.infrabanx.net, as well as: -
(a) a single point of contact for multi-item purchases or funds;
(b) minimized commercial and political risk factors;
(c) minimized delays associated with international arrangements;
(d) administered contract compliance, monitoring, delivery, and payment;
(e) assurance that terms are reasonable; and,
(f) centralized accounting by assuming responsibility for paying suppliers’ invoices and performing invoice verifications and contract audits.